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The Place Where the Rainbow Comes Down

By Geoffry Morgan


For the rainbow comes down in Ohio,

In the center of Athens High

There's a place that's worth

All the wealth of the earth

And for her we'll live and die.

In the heart of our dear Alma Mater

On a hill looking over the town,

From out the blue of the sky

Into old Athens High,

That's the place where the rainbow comes down.




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•   Carl Denbow


•   Spence Rutter  2/17
•   Philip (Phil) Straw (Straw)  2/17
•   Paul Aikman  11/17
•   John Ross  11/2
•   Ronald (Ron) Witham  10/16
•   Stephanie Sherow (Goldsberry)  10/14
•   Max Evans  10/14
•   Mark Abel  10/11
•   John (Spence) Rutter  6/4
•   Barry Wilson  8/14
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